School’s out, bring in the Projects!

It’s spring break and will be for about 8 weeks. This means no lectures, but it doesn’t mean no art!
I will be doing a lot of stuff, but here are…
The Top 5 Projects for the Spring Break:

1. Paint 5 oil paintings (school work)

2. Take part in a book illustration contest to try to win the “Meefisch- Marktheidenfelder Prize for Book Illustration”. This is a German prize for the best unpublished illustration project in the German-speaking area. The winner gets 2000Euros and their book is published with the Arena Verlag, a big publishing group of the German-speaking area.
I will illustrate my story “Somehow Something is Missing!” (translated into German) and try to do this digitally. I prefer “real-life”, but digital paintings can be printed easier.
The book will look something like this:

Opening illustration for “Somehow Something is Missing!” (“Once there was a big, big castle on a big, big hill.”)

3. Start selling postcards of the painting “Five Friends/Fünf Freunde” for my fundraising campaign. All the money will go to the FRRME (Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East) Click here for more information: ;

Five Friends/Fünf Freunde -$2200-
Five Friends/Fünf Freunde -$2200-

4. Finish my CD and start selling it, possibly also on iTunes. You can listen in for a sneak peek:

5. Get busy in the garden! I want to start some veggies and flowers for summer to give away to people. They will be able to donate whatever they like for the plants. The money will help pay for my plane ticket to Cyprus this fall. Gardening is a fun art form!

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