On Friday morning at 8.30, I got on a bus in Heidelberg, bound towards Zürich. I spent the weekend at a conference for children’s book authors and illustrators, the SCBWI Europolitan. SCBWI is the “Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators” and offers connection and opportunities to grow in your creative career.
I had signed up very early. And I was excited to go. But the last days before I got on the bus, I was so busy that I didn’t know how I would manage. Stress can make you doubt what is good. It can stop you from following through if you let it. I wouldn’t have stayed home, but I still didn’t know how it would be…

It was 100% worth the time and effort! There were about 80 authors and illustrators, anyone from beginner to bestseller.
On Friday, we took a walking tour around the city and visited the publishing company “Nord-Süd”. The city is beautiful and so are the books at the publishing house. Nord-Süd is the home of “The Rainbow Fish”, “The Little Polar Bear”, as well as the German versions of Oliver Jeffers books. The staff served us beautiful breads and drinks and were open for conversation. If I get my books published, I’d be honored to work with these guys :)

Saturday and Sunday were full of keynote speakers, workshops, and panel discussions. I also got to meet the author and illustrator of “The Rainbow Fish”, Marcus Pfister. And I had a professional consultation of my story “Somehow, Something is Missing!”.

All this input was eye-opening, challenging, and inspiring. It shows me just how far I can still go. Just how much I still need to learn. But also what is already working. It’s great to get feedback from people who know what they are talking about. Even if I might not agree with all of it, I definitely appreciate it.

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