Ryan’s Truck of Eggs, a full draft of sketches!

Ryan’s Truck of Eggs, a full draft of sketches!

It took a while, but I finally got the story sketches ready for “Ryan’s Truck of Eggs!”. You would think that 12 sketches don’t take so long. But I’ve got a busy life. Who knows how the book develops, if I can illustrate it myself or let someone else do it, etc. But whatever happens, I’m glad I finished this part of it. So, here’s the whole story, as told in sketches:

Madame Soufflé needs a truck of eggs for the Baking Festival. But who will take them to her?
“I’m ready to go!” Trucker Ryan says.
“Ok, but be careful,” The boss warns. “Don’t let the eggs break and get them there on time!”
Ryan looks at the clock. He has 4 hours. “Don’t worry, boss. It’s not so far.”

Ryan starts his ride. He passes through the town. But oh, here comes a group of 100 ballerinas! And they all cross the road.

Honk! Honk! Hurry up!

Finally, the last dancer is out of the way. And Ryan keeps going.

Ryan looks at the clock. He has 3 more hours. He drives into the mountains. But oh, look at that road! The men are fixing it, there are cracks and potholes everywhere!

Bump, bump, bump! Don’t let the eggs break!

Finally, the road gets better. And Ryan keeps going.

Ryan looks at the clock. Just 2 more hours. He drives by the lake. But oh, look, the fishermen are throwing a party. And their music is so loud!

Boom, boom, boom! The sound rocks the truck!

No, careful with the eggs!

And look at the clock: Ryan only has 1 more hour! “How will I ever get to the Baking Festival on time?”

But there’s a bigger problem… a thunder, a bang. It’s…

A tornado!

Spin, spin, spin. Fly, fly, fly

But then, the tornado stops. And lets everyone go.

Hooray! Ryan is back on the ground.

But how will he get to the Baking Festival, now?

Say, look where the tornado dropped him: Right in front of the festival gate!

“I’m almost there!” Ryan shouts. He wipes off his face and drives the truck to the stage.

Madame Soufflé is waiting. “My goodness, what happened to you?”

Ryan tells her everything.

“What about the eggs?” Madame asks. “Are they fine?”

Well, are they? Ryan opens the back of the truck. And…

Oh no! what a mess!

“I’m sorry, Madame Soufflé. I failed you.”

But Madame Soufflé goes inside the truck. “You didn’t fail, Ryan. Look over here!”

Madame Soufflé and Ryan collect the eggs that are still ok. It’s enough to bake one big cake with all the bakers.

“Thank you, trucker Ryan! We may not have as much cake as planned, but you made our baking festival extra special!”

Everyone gets to try the cake. But Ryan…

… gets the first bite!

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