Responsibility and Focus – Starring Illustration Progress

Responsibility and Focus – Starring Illustration Progress

When you only have little talent or responsibility, you might look up to someone who has more. You might feel jealous or unhappy, thinking that a “next level” would make you more successful in some way.

I’m not a super-famous artist (yet), but even now I can tell you that that logic doesn’t work. I have several interests, even when it comes to art. I like to paint, sculpt, write stories and songs, illustrate, and do workshops. And I get better the more I practice.  Many people might admire what I do and look up to it, even to the point of belittling themselves. But here’s what many people won’t say: With great gifts come great responsibility.  And with great gifts comes the need to focus.

Why responsibility? Because I am a “role model” to people who see my work. Even if I don’t know them, they read my posts, click on my pictures, listen to my songs. They are witnessing a type of communication. But what do I send out? Genuine life, hope, a relatable story? Or maybe bitterness, selfish need for attention, and something fake? I can’t control what people see and I don’t want to please everyone. But I also know that all abilities are a responsibility. And though I don’t want to “force” it, I want to use them for genuine good.

And then, there’s focus. At some point, there is a need to focus on something. You can always try new things, there’s a place for that. But you won’t get too far if you’re spread too thin.
I am guilty of spreading myself too thin, as my website and blogpost history will prove. I have to realize that I can’t do everything at once. And that to go further down one road, you can’t go on other roads at the same time. It’s not a choice between “good and “bad”, but between the “good” and the “best”.

So now, I have decided to focus my attention on storytelling and illustrations. That means I will probably be posting more stuff in that direction (“stories from life”, fiction, story theory) from now on. It doesn’t mean that I will never paint or sculpt or sing a song again, but it does mean that those won’t be my main focus.

What are your gifts? What responsibilities do you have with them, and what responsibilities might you be running away from? Where are you spread too thin, and where can you focus? Leave a comment if you like, and have a great day!


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