Recycling Art Bag!
Recycled Shopping Bag

Recycling Art Bag!

For the past few weeks, you could find a large quantity of plastic trash on the floor of my room. And it was not because I had been eating too much candy, it was because of an art project: I decided to do a bit of recycling and turn plastic trash into a beautiful, sturdy, all-purpose bag!

I have always loved recycling things. I would watch arts- and craft shows on TV and feel really clever if I could use trash in an art project. I just thought it was fun, though I never knew why. Now, I think I know why: I like taking what nobody wanted and seeing something beautiful in it. I like to “redeem” things – and not only see what could be, but to make it actually be new.

In the case of this bag, I used about 100 liters worth of plastic. It could have been tossed, but now, it has new purpose. It’s still plastic, but with a new form. It’s like a parable for how I want to live: I want to see the potential in people and places and things. I don’t want to be put off by rough edges. I want to see what could be, and to call out the new. As a leader, as a pastor, as a friend, I want to do this every day. Starting with me.

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