Painting at a Church Service!


Yesterday night (Saturday) there was a church service at our school. I was allowed to paint during the service, as an expession of prayer. When I sit down to paint like that, I never know what will come out of it. But I believe that God can speak to us through images and many other things, and that whatever he shows me is what I can paint. (This is the process for painting in prayer, when I paint other things I go about it differently).

So I sat down, and I got a picture. It was a picture of a half-open door, standing in a dark grassland, with light coming from it. It could mean an invitation to God’s opportunities in a situation where you think there’s only darkness. But I think the picture can speak for itself, even if it means something different to someone else.

Either way, I enjoyed the evening, and several people were happy about the picture. I talked to several people and those conversations were all good. But I especially enjoyed talking to this one girl, who was an art student from Gießen. More artists, more creativity for everyone! That made me smile :)

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