“Giving it all” and “Giving Back”

I feel like I’m “giving it all” these days, because I’m keeping busy: This week I worked on song contests, stories,the mural, and started to sketch out the painting. It’s going to be a painting of my sister Sarah. (see reference photo)

That stuff is all great, and I hope I am “giving it all” with this stuff. But “giving back” to other people is what makes me more happy. You can “give it all” and it will entertain you, but “giving back” involves other people, not just me. And it doesn’t need to be hard, you just have to use what you have. I will, for example, host a craft with the kids in the refugee home in Heidelberg in a few days (we go with our church to the home to play with the kids regularly).
From an artistic point of view, it won’t produce “great masterpieces”. I won’t be sitting there and “giving it all” in terms of artistic perfection. But it will be art that “gives back” to others who need it, and that makes it relevant. Oftentimes we artists like to be “elitist” about our stuff and get annoyed by the “common people”. But that makes us isolated and the gifting we have is only used for ourselves. There’s a time for “giving it all” and “making masterpieces” (there really is), but there’s also a time for “giving back”. Both together gets you further than just one of the two. At least that’s what I’ve experienced.

What are some ways you “give it all” and where do you “give back”? What are your thoughts on this subject? Leave a comment and share your thought!

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