My Creative Weekend!

My Creative Weekend!

I got a commission to paint some sceneries for a kid’s play. I got grey paper on a long roll. Next, I needed a place to hang it while painting. I ended up unscrewing the handles of my bedroom closet and using the doors as the paint surface. It worked well :)


It was Matthew’s birthday. He lives down the hall of the dorm. And his friends got 450 balloons and piled them up in front of his door. Over time, the balloons spread around into the living room, hallway, and kitchen.  Finally, we piled them all up in Pierrick’s room. Some people felt guilty about the prank, but I think it will be a fun surprise!


Game Night
While the balloons were still all over the place, some people wanted to get a “Lord of the Rings”-computer game going. They couldn’t get the internet to work, so they asked a friend if we could invite ourselves to her paren’ts house. She said yes, so the game night was moved. I decided to come along, even though I am terrible at computer games. I ended up leaving early and not really playing most of the time I was there, since the game kept kicking me out. But I still had fun and took the time to draw some of the players.


And finally, I wrote a song! I have tried to write for months but this is the first time it has actually worked. The song is called “Never Enough” and was inspired by my feelings of inadequacy vs. my trust in God. I know that I will always be dissapointed if I rely only on my ability. But I also know that God has redeemed us, despite our mess, because he loves us. So he gives me the “enough” I need. I recorded a demo version and added lyrics. Enjoy!

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