Manuscript: Gary’s Noodles!

Manuscript: Gary’s Noodles!

I told you about the steps I go through to write stories. Idea, Brainstorming, Outline, First Draft, Editing. And I’m not “done”, sure enough, I will have to do some more edits eventually. But I think the story is ready to share with you. Tell me what you think, or let it brighten up your day. And either way, have a great day! :)

Gary’s Noodles

Stan and Gary were best friends.

They met every day at the red bench and walked to school together. And in the afternoon, they liked to play soccer in Gary’s yard.

But one day, Stan didn’t see Gary at the red bench. Where could Gary be? He walked to school alone. And in the afternoon, Gary didn’t come out to play soccer.

“Where could Gary be?” Stan wondered.

He knocked at Gary’s door.

Knock, knock, knock! Gary’s mom opened.

“Where is Gary?” Stan asked.
“Gary can’t come out, today. He is sick with a flu. But I can tell him you were here.”
“Can I come visit?”
“Maybe tomorrow. I’m sure he would like that.”

Stan walked home and up to his room.

“Don’t worry, Gary, I’ll cheer you up!
I will bring all the things to get you better soon!
Now let me see… what kind of stuff would cheer up me?”

He went through the room and got out his cars,
an action figure robot, and a picture book of dinosaurs.
And a movie and a softball. And he put them in a box.
All things that Stan liked. “And tomorrow” he thought

“I will make you the best ice cream cup:
With chocolate, pistachio and caramel crunch.
And a banana and some whip cream and a silver spoon.
Don’t worry, Gary, you will feel better, soon!”

Stan couldn’t wait to finish school the next day.
He rushed past the red bench and to the store on his way home
and bought some ice cream from his own money.
All by himself.
“This will be great!” Stan thought.

Then he got the box with all the toys and took it with the ice cream to Gary’s house.

Knock, knock, knock! Gary’s mom opened.
“Hello, Stan, Gary is waiting for you upstairs.”
“Thank you!” Stan said.

He carried all his stuff to Gary’s room and said:
“I’m sorry you are sick. But don’t worry. I brought everything you need to get better, soon!”

Stan showed him the box and all that he brought:
Each of the cars and the action figure robot
And the dinosaur book with pictures. And then Stan said:

“This movie I like, we can watch it together.
And this softball is fun, too. These will make you feel better, soon.”

But Gary looked at the stuff and sighed.

“I don’t think that will help me, now. I’m too tired to play. And I don’t really like that movie so much, either.”

Stan was surprised.
“Oh, ok… but you’ll definitely like this: Look, I brought you this ice cream!”

But Gary shook his head.
“I can’t eat ice cream, right now. That would make my tummy sick.”

Stan yelled: “But I bought it with my own money!
And it’s with a silver spoon!
And I looked for all the toys, all just for you… You’re a bad friend!”
And he ran out of the room.

Down the stairs and home he went and sat on a chair.

“Grrr… after all that I did…”


But then he heard something.
Knock, knock, knock!

The door opened, and grandpa walked in.
“What’s wrong, son? You don’t look too good.”

And Stan cried: “I did everything I could!
Gary is sick, and I went to help. I got my toys, my movie, even my favorite ice cream… all to help Gary get better soon… but he didn’t… care!”

Grandpa sat down next to Stan. He just sat for a little bit.

Then Grandpa asked: “Did Gary ask for all those toys?”

Stan said: “Well, no…”

“Did Gary ask for the movie?”

Stan shook his head.

“And did he ask for your favorite ice cream?”

Stan was surprised. “No, he didn’t… actually he doesn’t even like pistachio.”

Grandpa pat Stan on the back.
“Sometimes you have to look at what people need,
and not what you like to give. Those aren’t always the same.”

Stan frowned. “So he doesn’t need my toys?”

“Not if he can’t play, right now.”

“And he doesn’t need the movie?”

“Not if he doesn’t like it.”

“And he doesn’t need my good ice cream?”

Grandpa smiled. “Not if that will make him sick, right now.”

Stan understood. He had thought so much about his plans that he had forgotten what Gary needed.

He asked Grandpa: “Now what could Gary need?”

Grandpa thought: “Chicken soup is good for a flu.”

And Stan remembered: “Oh, he likes chicken soup with noodles!”

Grandpa smiled. “Should we go make him some?”

“Yes!” Stan pulled Grandpa toward the kitchen.

They boiled a pot of water and added vegetables and chicken. And then the curly Chinese noodles, the kind that Gary liked. And they even boiled an egg and put it up on top.

“It smells so good!” Stan thought.

Then they carried the pot of noodles to Gary’s house.


Knock, knock, knock! Gary’s mom opened.

“Oh, Stan, where have you been?”
Stan quietly replied: “I’m sorry I ran off… I was mad. But I’m not, now. And we made Gary his favorite noodles!”

Stan gave the pot to Gary’s mom.

She said: “It’s just time for dinner. You can come eat it with Gary, if you want.”

Stan smiled and walked up with Grandpa to Gary’s room.

Gary was surprised when they walked in.

“Hi Gary.” Stan said. “I’m sorry I ran away. I hope you feel better soon. So I brought you your favorite noodles!”

Gary sat up and smiled. “Now that will help me get better!”

So Stan served Gary a bowl. And everyone ate Gary’s noodles together.


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