Look at the Birds…

I found a stash of old cardboard in the basement the other day. I will be painting 6 illustrations of a creation cycle, so I figured that I could use the cardboard as a sketch base. I drew a bunch of fish, portraits and flying birds of different kinds.

I am also currently writing a 25-page paper about one of Jesus’ speeches. In it, he tells his disciples to not worry about their life, but to instead follow and trust God in everything: “Look at the birds”, he says, “They do not sow or reap or stow away in barns, yet your heavenly father feeds them. Aren’t you much more valuable than they?”

So eventhough I am often tired at the end of the day, I lean on that word. I hope you can, too. Whether drawing them or just watching them: remember to look at the birds…

IMG_1303 (768x1024)

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