Illustration Updates, and the Makings of Rafiki!
Rafiki, painted

Illustration Updates, and the Makings of Rafiki!

I have been working on my illustrations, but haven’t posted about them for a while. So, here’s an update on the project: 40h in, 30h to go.

Also, I remade my baboon mask, my own “Rafiki” (based on the “Lion King”). The original (made 2012) got ruined by bugs. So, I modified the glue to prevent damage. This time around, I made the mane out of recycled plastic bags instead of wood sticks. As a result, the mane is dynamic (moves with the costume wearer), which is cool! The mask is done, but I thought to myself: Why stop with a mask when you can have a full costume? So, I’m working on that, too. It should be done by the beginning of December. So far, the mask, part of a mane headdress, and the staff are in the works. I will let my Kenian friend show the costume at the next Open Mic night at our school. This seems only appropriate: “Rafiki” means “friend” in Swahili (the main language in Kenia).

Other than that, I’m at school, teaching workshops, and doing some fundraisers for Uganda. I also get to go to Uganda for a week, starting next Friday. I am very happy to go with my dad and will post pictures. We will mostly “just” visit what the people are doing, but we will also “do” some small projects.

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