Illustration Progress: the Power of Rest
Illustrations: Work in Progress

Illustration Progress: the Power of Rest

I have had a history of chronic fatigue. The issue had endured 7 years without significant improvement, and affected all areas of life. Luckily, this trend was reversed about 6 months ago, and I could now get up after 10h of sleep and feel awake.
However, the fatigue came creeping back in the past few weeks, and it had me worried. But luckily the trend never became mainstream for me. The solution for me was simple: a food cure (low-carb, low-sugar) as well as Melatonin before bed and Vitamin D in the morning. The outcome: Waking up and actually feeling refreshed. Sitting in class and actually being focused. Having lunch with people and actually being able to participate in conversation. And after all that, even having some time to work on illustrations!

I am grateful to God for every refreshed moment I get. However, I realize that rest goes both ways: You can wish for more strength, or you can just know when to take a timeout. Even when you have all the necessary energy, you can wear yourself out with too much stuff.
I observe that many of my peers have a lot more energy than I do. But I also observe that they don’t know when to take time to rest, even when they need it. They pile on more and more projects and never stop. Almost as if they were afraid to stand still.
And as much as I understand the fear of silence or of missing out, I try to not be ruled by it. Because I think it can be dangerous. It’s definitely not healthy over long periods of time. If not adressed, it will shoot you eventually. And the higher you piled your responsibility up, the harder the crash will be.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is: Be grateful for the energy you have. But don’t be afraid to rest when you need it. There’s a time for everything, including rest. Do yourself a favor and turn off your computer and your phone, take a walk, journal your thoughts, or just sit. Your emotional and physical health will thank you. And also, have a great day!

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