Hans Zimmer!

I was like a kid in a candy store last night: My dad and I got to see Hans Zimmer live in the SAP Arena in Mannheim! Hans Zimmer is the mind behind a huge amount of the music in the movies of the past 30 years. (Lion King, Pirates of the Carribean, Da Vinci Code, Interstellar, Crimsion Tide,…)

My dad works at SAP and got VIP-tickets for any SAP-Arena-event, so that’s the only reason the evening was affordable.
We drove up to the VIP-entrance and showed our tickets. There was a champagne-reception at the door, then you got you concert bracelet and went upstairs to the VIP-lounge. Just like in a movie, a staff member asked for our name, checked us off her list and showed us to our table. The loung was fancy, but not uncomfortable. There was a buffet of good food and many little desserts. We probably had more than our share of the buffet :) And while we were eating, we looked around, seeing all sorts of people. Some were wearing really fancy clothes, such as the woman in white with a fancy hat and glitter shoes. Others were just wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I guess the VIP-lounge is a glimpse of what a big fancy vernissage (art show opening) is like. It’s fascinating but also intimidating and kind of shallow. If you were surrounded by this environment all the time, it probably would be easy to lose touch with “real life”.
While we were thinking about this stuff, it was time to go to our seats. We sat close to the stage at angle, but could still see most of the musicians.

The concert was great! There were about 70 people on stage, and not one of them was unnecessary. Hans Zimmer came across as very humble and “normal” and he was funny, too. When they started playing a Medley of “The Lion King”, Lebo M. sang the opening lyrics and I almost cried. (Lebo was the guy who sang the solo in “Circle of Life” for the movie, back in 1994) Everything else was brilliant, too, but that was my highlight!

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