Fundraiser FRRME: “Five Friends”-Postcards at the local Christian Bookstores!

Big announcement for anyone in Karlsruhe/Mannheim region: Now you can get “Five Friends/Fünf Freunde”-postcards at the Christian bookstores in Mannheim and Karlsruhe! The money I make from these cards will sponsor the FRRME, an organisation that provides practical help to refugees and war victims of the Middle East.

I want to raise $2000 for the FRRME and am also using my Patreon-Site for this purpose: If you like my art and want to support me, become my patron with any amount you like. Every time I release a new work, I get paid the amount you specified. And depending on how much you give, you can get rewards as a gift. The first $2000 go to the FRRME, after that I will use the earnings to support my own work.


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