My Art Class in January 2016. (The back 3rd guy from the right is actually my professor; I’m in the front left corner)

It’s the end of the semester (class photo above). Among other things…

…I will be showing “Shadow under a Bridge” again, this time with the alternate background.
…I will continue work on “Devil’s Canyon” and “Water Power Plant”.
…I will find out my grade for the art history exam. That’ll be fun!
…Spring Break! Well actually more like “Spring Work”: Paintings, a part-time job (yay!), de-cluttering the house/garden and planning the next semester.

This got me thinking: It’s an illusion to think that you are “done” at any point of your life. Instead, you finish one thing and pick up another. This means that any “I’m too stressed to…”-logic will not work. I sometimes get overwhelmed with stuff, but then life goes on and I’m still here. It’s easy to think “I’ll just get through… and THEN I’ll start living. But I want to remember that you can’t “wait” to live your life, but that you can live 100% right now. I will go lots of places in the next years and many things will change, but that’s no excuse to be irresponsible or a doormat or a … now. I will live “then” but I want to live “now”, too!

I guess that’s the “food for thought” for this week. When did you feel like you started living, and where are you still putting “real life” off? If you have thoughts on this, leave a comment or just think about it. Have a great week!


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