Don’t take Care, take Risks!

My cell phone won’t load pictures to the computer, so I can’t show the projects and what they look like. But here are some updates:

I made moldings of my Kasperle-mask and put them aside to air-dry for a few days. Then I decided to get the rest of the water out by putting them in the oven for a while… bad decision!
When you stick one piece of clay on another, it needs to be blended so well that there are no gaps. Otherwise the water (and later air) expands with heat and the clay bursts. This is what happened to my mold pieces. The nose and chin blew up into hundreds of pieces.


In another project, I was recently making a wooden table with metal legs. It all looked really nice, but when I went on to cover the table top with epoxy, it went wrong and ruined the surface. There were gaps between the wood pieces, eventhough I had sealed them with silicone…

I had no experience on either of these projects, they were risks. Hopefully ones I can learn from.
I will remake the molds and try to blend the clay better. And I will make a new table top. This time the table top will have the slogan “Don’t take care, take risks” written on it… that might become a life motto :)


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