Day 2-3: Seattle to Corvallis

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I spent the first 1 1/2 days in Seattle area (Renton) with my uncle. The morning after our first night my mom and I had breakfast with some friends at a restaurant. My uncle paints murals as a part-time job, and one of his many murals was on the restaurant walls. Art runs in our family :)

My uncle drove us down to Corvallis and will be staying with us until Sunday. On the way down we stopped at an iris garden. It was a beautiful place. The individual varietes were labeled with a name and prices. Most varietes were $7,50, but some were as much as $65,00. And the coolest name was “Squid Squirt”. I’m guessing that it’s a black iris (It wasn’t in bloom yet). After seeing that place, we moved on and got to my grandparents house.

I almost didn’t recognize it, because the trees were all overgrown . But the house was mostly all the same as I have known it all my life. My grandparents are ok, but my grandpa is very sick and weak. He has been bed-ridden since January and wears an oxygen mask for air. I find it sad to see him in this state, but I’m glad that I’m here.

I and my uncle Rick started trimming the apple and plum trees in the front yard. My grandparents have some amazing trees! They needed the haircut, as do all the other trees.

Not much else has happened since arriving here. But it’s good to be here.

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