Whether you are thinking about a comission, want to buy a piece of existing art, want to host a workshop, or just have a question, I would be glad to hear from you. Just send me a message by email, and I’ll get back to you.

Contact Information

Nicole Heymann
Jahnstrasse 49-53
35716 Dietzhoelztal, Germany

Email: nicole_heymann@yahoo.de
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NicoleHeymannArt

Any message should include:

  • Your Name
  • Contact Information (preferrably Email)
  • A brief description of the Question/Inquiry


For Inquiries about Comissions, please specify:

  • What (Sculpture, Drawings,…)
  • Topic
  • Complexity (Full Background with Characters, a single Mask,…)
  • Purpose of the Comission (Business, Wedding Gift, Prop for a Play,…)
  • Deadline
  • Rough Budget Estimate (How much can you pay, how much of that covers material costs)

For Inquiries about Workshops, please specify:

  • What Setting (Location, Material on site such as tables, chairs, etc…)
  • Topic
  • Complexity (An afternoon, all-day,…)
  • How many participants
  • What kind of participants (children, seniors,…)
  • Rough Budget Estimate (How much can you pay, how much of that covers material costs)

A Rough Guide on Prices...

Please note that the guidelines listed below are not set in stone. I like to discuss the specific price for the comission directly with each customer, since the resources and needs cannot be generalized. If you have a specific comission in mind or want to buy a work of art, the price can and will be negotiated.


An average comission requires paint, the stuff you paint on, and varnish. These can cost anything from 30 to 100 Euros or more, depending on the scale of the project. If the comission is for digital illustrations, this point can be ignored.


If the comission is due within a short time, I will need to charge a bit more than if I have several months to work on it, since I will need to prioritize it.


Art takes time. In some cases more than others. A simple drawing will only take 2-5h, while an illustration or a mask may take up to 30h of work. A painting or illustration will mostly take between 20 and 40h of work. I don’t have a fixed hourly rate, but the painting will obviously cost more than the drawing.

Example Prices

  • Drawing 30×30 cm (2-3h worktime) : 25Euros
  • Painting 100×100 cm (25h worktime, 50Euros material) : 500Euros
  • Mask 30×30 cm (30h worktime, 30 Euros material) : 300Euros
  • Full-page Illustration (30h work time) : 300 Euros, additional illustrations less each
  • 1-Day Workshop (prep time 20-100h, workshop 6h, 50Euros material) : 300Euros/day
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