Concept Art: Trucker Ryan
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Concept Art: Trucker Ryan

It’s been quite hot this week (up to 40°C/104°F). So, I spent part of the week watering our garden and getting rid of dry brush. We have a large compost pile, so I stacked parts of the old plant matter there. Compost may not look that interesting, but it’s an important process: If you don’t put good material in, you won’t get good soil, which means you won’t get good plants or fruit. Such as grapes for a good supply of juice. So, good input in invisible places leads to good visible output.

I applied this same principle as I continued to develop my children’s book illustrations. I thought specifically about my story about “Trucker Ryan”. This is what I came up with: A more studies for the character “Ryan”, a more detailed sketch of the first page, and some initial illustration layouts for the rest of the book. I think this story will look ridiculous when it’s done. I love it!

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