I got a big commission for an illustration project. I have until September to finish it: The commission is to create (lots of!) illustrations for an educational website. They should be simple, fun, and able to show different characters in a standard style.

I have done some concept art on the project and think that I am finding a style to work with. I was partly inspired by the animations on the educational Youtube Channel “Crash Course”. But the client wanted more realistic proportions and more expessive faces. So, that’s how you go: you start with some inspiration and work with the client and your own ideas to find out what works. And this takes time. A friend of mine was quite surprised to hear that a full comission can easily take 100h of work! Processes don’t just happen. But if you stay comitted to them, they develop to a place you didn’t anticipate from the start. And most of the time, that’s a good thing.

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