Chicken, Chocolate, Creativity

Chicken, Chocolate, Creativity

I was sitting at the dinner table with a few friends the other day and they were thinking of bizarre or disgusting food combinations. At one point, one of them said “Chicken and Chocolate!”, to which I responded, “That sounds amazing!”. People were confused, but I stuck to my statement. And I told myself that I would try it.

Thus I conducted a cooking experiment: I bought some ingredients and tried to come up with a non-sweet, rich cocoa sauce. It had coconut milk, cocoa powder, orange zest and juice, ginger, white wine, tomato paste, rosemary, thyme, oregano, salt, and black pepper in it (didn’t have chili at hand). The result was a savory sauce with the bitterness of the cocoa blending well with the tang of the orange zest and the spiciness of pepper and ginger. The white wine gave it a little sweetness to balance it out.
The smells in the kitchen were quite unusual. I mixed the sauce, chicken and veggies (mostly sweet potato) and baked it. It was a 50-50 chance of working out, and in this case, it did work!

And with a bit of yoghurt, guacamole and salad, the dish looks and tasted amazing!

Creative inspiration can come from anywhere. Keep your eyes open and be ready to try things. Even if it means the risk of a failed experiment. You never get to the successful experiments if you aren’t ready to fail a few times, first. So whatever it is, give it a try! And have a great day!

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