Celebrating Easter with a Reclaimed Palette Desk!
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Celebrating Easter with a Reclaimed Palette Desk!

During the next few weeks, I want to work on my own illustrations. I want to use “traditional” collage materials or watercolors, but my desk is occupied by the graphic tablet. So, I just built a new space: an art- and writing desk out of reclaimed wood! I pulled apart some old palettes and put them together with some other reclaimed/cheap woodcuts. It took about 5h to build the basic table and another 3h to add the tilting mechanism. I am by no means a professional woodworker. But given that I don’t have access to fancy tools and was using almost 100% reclaimed wood, I am very happy with the result!

The thing is: You couldn’t see the potential in those palettes right away. They were mostly rotten from years of being outside. You had to scavenge them for individual pieces. And when you did find them, they were full of rusty nails, bent up and dirty. So, you needed to put in the work to get these pieces ready. But once you did, it was worth it: the wood was not only ready, it had character. It became the material for something unique. The wood got a chance to shine because a craftsman was willing to bring out the best of it that they could.
As an artist, I like to find potential in trash. As a leader, I hope to do the same for the people I work with. And as a Christian, I believe that God basically does that for us, too. This Sunday, Christians celebrate Easter, where they remember that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. For Christians, that changes everything: If he came to “reclaim” us who were thought to be in a “trash” state, then he gives us new purpose. When Jesus died, he not only reclaimed our “trash” of broken relationships (“sin”) on himself. He also rose from the dead, which showed that all that trash can’t stop us from entering into a new relationship with God. Even in the darkest moments, there is hope. Even amidst Corona, there is hope. Keep watch for it, act upon it, and it won’t disappoint. In that sense, I wish you a Happy Easter!

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