Back to the Roots: Clay and Iron!

I have worked in all sorts of art mediums. But I always like a good challenge, so I decided to try something "classic" that I hadn't done before: pottery and blacksmithing. Working with raw materials like "earth" and "metal". People have used these "elements" for thousands of years. Surely, I…


20 Days

That's my countdown status, right now: I will be going to Seattle for a 6-month internship at a church. 20 days, and I'll be on a plane. As this is a significant change, the time around it is a time of transition: I am super excited to go. I'm part…



I am currently at a 2-week internship. But that doesn't mean I can't bring a sketchbook along part of the time. In particular, I was able to draw some new friends at a grill party event. They were from Ethiopia and Iran. Also, a few days before, I went to…

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