Creating when you’re stressed?

We still have one more week of school, but the exams are over. So, I finally have some time to be more creative! To be clear, we never stop being creative, even when we are studying or working. We are always gifted with some level of creativity. However, depending on…


Back to the Roots: Clay and Iron!

I have worked in all sorts of art mediums. But I always like a good challenge, so I decided to try something "classic" that I hadn't done before: pottery and blacksmithing. Working with raw materials like "earth" and "metal". People have used these "elements" for thousands of years. Surely, I…


20 Days

That's my countdown status, right now: I will be going to Seattle for a 6-month internship at a church. 20 days, and I'll be on a plane. As this is a significant change, the time around it is a time of transition: I am super excited to go. I'm part…

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