Manuscript: Gary’s Noodles!

I told you about the steps I go through to write stories. Idea, Brainstorming, Outline, First Draft, Editing. And I'm not "done", sure enough, I will have to do some more edits eventually. But I think the story is ready to share with you. Tell me what you think, or…


My Writing Process, Step 4-5 (With Text Snippets)

I am writing a new children's story called "Gary's Noodles". I first went from the basic idea to an "outline". Here's what I did next: Step 4: First Draft When you have a rough idea where you are going with your story, you can start actually writing. Some people swear…


My Writing Process, Steps 1-3

I told you in the last post that I wanted to write a new children's story. And just for fun, I thought I could show my writing process. This is obviously not the only way to write, but it's based on research from writing vlogs, articles and personal experience. Step…


Christmas Gifts? Here are 7 Ideas!

In case you are drawing a blank on gift ideas for Christmas, here are some suggestions: Make a Card: You can use any material, like old magazines, colored paper, felt or candy wrappers. Just choose a simple design or think of your own. Here are some examples I did, but…

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