A Toy Car!

I'm busy with my master's thesis but also have other things going on. We finally saw the announcement of the Project for Awesome video winners today. Sadly we weren't among the winning groups. But we must have been very close. We were featured on the main event and got many…


Clean up with a Big Fish!

I will be doing an internship in Seattle, starting in February 2020. As part of the prep, I want to declutter and get my dorm room ready to rent out. But as an artist, I hate to throw material away. The solution: Make as many projects as possible between now…


Painting a Giraffe!

I spent the last two afternoons in the art studio and painted my giraffe helmet. I originally thought about making it really dark brown with white markings, but I kind of like the look of the different lighter tones! It still needs some varnish and the fixtures to make it…

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