My brother as Superman

So after about 2 weeks I got around to uploading a final picture of the oil painting. This is my brother when he was 7 years old, proud to be superman. My mom comissioned the work and she likes it very much. My brother, on the other hand, is embarrassed…


Starting a Portrait of my Brother

My Mom and Dad gave me an extensive course on oil painting for my birthday. So now I am learning how to approach oils as compared to acrylics. They comissioned me to paint a portrait of my brother Thomas and since I am learning how to use oil paint, I…


New Painting, coming up

I started a new painting this week. The scetch is almost finished and then the actual "painting" part can begin. It is a picture of a water power plant in the mountains of Washington State. The location is not really relevant, but that's where the picture happened to be taken.…

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