When it takes many tries…

I've been working on my children's book sketches. Every few days I try to get one sketch done. But at lucky number 7, I hit a roadblock: the original layout felt boring, so I tried again. And again. And again. Finally, I had to let it sit before I could…


Operation Easter Island

Way back last November, I had the idea to write a story based on the words "Operation Easter Island". Some brainstorms, a long break and more edits later, here is a somewhat stable draft of the story and some concept sketches (the numbers represent double-page spreads, like what you see…


Illustration Progress!

I have been working on this illustration commission for over 100h, over the course of several months. But now, I'm in the last leagues. Less than 20h to go! Isaiah, Part 1: Judgement of IsraelIsaiah, Part 2: Comfort for IsraelDeborah, the female Judge and WarriorGideon, the cowardly Judge

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