Making a Good News Video!

I teach at my campus tomorrow. I decided on the topic of "gratitude" and "telling each other what good we experience". To make it interesting, I made a short Video of "Good News" from our local seminary. I made a simple stop-motion intro, asked people to send in their stories,…


Art Exhibit at School!

My school has a long walkway between the library and the secretary. And today, I got to hang some of my artwork there! It's the second art show that I get to do in this location. Due to Corona, there will be no vernissage. But even still, it's nice to…


Open-Mic Night!

On Thursday evening, we had our 2. Open-Mic night at our school. It was a time where people could just "step up to the mic" and share their creativity. It was funny, thoughtful, diverse, and just great! Creativity is one thing, but sharing it with each other is even cooler:…


Workshop “Woodworking with Pallets”!

A pile of pallets and some very basic tools*. Not much to work with, but still with many possibilities! I was in Uganda for 2 weeks, from Aug 25th- Sept 8th, 2018. One of the things I did there was to teach a group of "unskilled beginners" how to get…


Caricatures at a Kid’s Festival!

Once a year, the local village has a big kid's festival for charity. They have all sorts of things for kids ages 3-12, like jumping castles, a "teddy bear clinic", karaoke, and so on. But this year, they also had me drawing caricatures! I was there with the local church…


Last Summer Exhibit!

I just finished my diploma exhibit last Saturday. But before the end of the school year the academy always hosts a summer exhibit, and I get to be part of that. We have spent the last 2 days preparing it, now it is ready for the opening tonight at 7PM.…

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