New Painting, coming up

I started a new painting this week. The scetch is almost finished and then the actual "painting" part can begin. It is a picture of a water power plant in the mountains of Washington State. The location is not really relevant, but that's where the picture happened to be taken.…


Summer Time, Project Time

The summer exhibit of the Art Academy in Karlsruhe went over very well. It was from the 10th-13th of July and marked the last event of the semester. So now I have a very long summer break, but that doesn't mean I won't be working. It just means I can…


Summer Exhibit 2014

The Art Academy in Karlsruhe has it's annual summer exhibit this week, from today until sunday. I got to put three paintings into the show, more than the years before. I am showing "Pike's Place Market", "The Fish Hatchery" and "Devil's Canyon".

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