A Toy Car!

I'm busy with my master's thesis but also have other things going on. We finally saw the announcement of the Project for Awesome video winners today. Sadly we weren't among the winning groups. But we must have been very close. We were featured on the main event and got many…


Updates and a Thank You

A few weeks ago I told you guys about a video competition for charity and asked you to vote for us. I hadn't given any updates because they haven't announced the outcome yet. But the event (Project for Awesome) itself was very successful: it raised over $2.300.000, more than it…


New Year, New Ideas?

What are your hopes for 2021? Do you have dreams, hopes, possibly a list of goals? Or have all those things become pointless amidst a pandemic and other worries? A goal can be intimidating, even insinuate arrogance or the illusion of "I can do everything I set my mind to".…

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