Operation Christmas Child!

It's still over 2 months until Christmas. But you can already feel Christmas coming: Christmas cookies are on the shelves, oranges are coming in season, and "Operation Christmas Child" will be open for donations very soon. For those of you who aren't familiar: "Operation Christmas Child" is an organization that…


Recycling Fabric: Cardigan Cat!

School started two days ago. Time for reading and writing academic stuff. But on Sunday, I still had time to do a creative project: my favorite cardigan was falling apart around the elbows, and I wanted to give it a new purpose. So, I took up my sewing supplies and…


Studying for an exam, Artist Style!

The Anglican Church persecuting the PuritansPuritan Christians sail to AmericaKing and Minister of Prussia change the communion ceremony, Lutherans petition against it I have a church history exam coming up on Monday. It's not so much material compared to some stuff we are expected to do, but it's still 140…

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