Week 5: Shooting Stars (#Internship)

As I continue to work at the New Life Church in Renton (near Seattle), I am learning a lot about leadership in times of uncertainty. The Covid19 pandemic influences our lives. People respond in different ways: some ignore it, others panic, still others are convinced it's all a conspiracy theory…


Hello Seattle! (#Internship)

I got to Seattle yesterday. I will stay until mid-August to work at a church internship. But before I start, I will have some time to get settled in. To "get there". Here's what happened so far: My mom drove me to Frankfurt airport in the morning on Feb 10th.…


First Author Contract!

I've written on several occasions before. Family parties, school dedications, friend's birthdays or just for my own enjoyment. But so far, I haven't been officially published beyond those kinds of settings. Well, that just changed: I got to sign my first contract with a small publisher in Germany (SCM Verlag)!…

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