Bubble Bath Soap (and other Things)

Bubble Bath Soap (and other Things)

I have a lot of stuff going on. Exams and finals are coming up soon. I am teaching every few weeks. I have a commission to work on. And I am trying to get other paperwork stuff done in the background. I am looking forward to a time of rest. But in all of this, I can’t deny a certain amount of fun, either. I enjoy many of the things that I have to do, but I also see random little things that put a smile on my face:

For example, I went to visit my parents for the weekend. They have chickens in their yard. However, the three white chickens were making too much noise and caused trouble with the neighbors. What could be done? A friend’s parents were glad to take them. All I had to do was bring them. So, on Monday morning, I and my mom caught three chickens and put them in a big box in my car. And I drove with them for 2 hours to my school. I handed them over to my friend’s parents. And according to my friend’s report, they felt right at home. They now live with 9 other hens and can cluck as loud as they want.  

chickens in the animal carrier in the car

Then, on Tuesday, I had a fun moment while cleaning the dorm: It was my turn to mop the floor. So, I filled the bucket with water and got the mop ready. However, I didn’t have the right cleaner at hand. Would I go looking for it? No. Without thinking, I took some bubble bath soap and put it in the water. Yeah … both the bucket and the floor were full of bubbles. I should have known, I guess, but I had underestimated how effective the “bubble” part of the stuff was! I had to scoop quite a bit of foam off of the bucket and wash it down the drain with way too much water in the bathtub. This made it so that it took quite a bit longer to clean than I had expected.
It is not my custom to waste water or time on cleaning. I had made more work for myself than intended. And yet, I couldn’t help but be amused by the picture. Bubbles just make you smile!

So, I guess the point of the story is (as I have said in other posts): Enjoy the Little Things. It’ll make life so much more interesting!

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