“Bird’s Eye View”-Recording from Salamis Ampitheater

Here’s my song “Bird’s Eye View”. I apologize for the bad sound quality, I will try to edit it when I have the time. Since I was at the top of the ampitheater, it was quite windy. The lyrics are below, and also below the youtube-video. This song is not on my CD, but I did record a CD with 5 of my best songs. So if you haven’t seen that yet, go check it out on iTunes and Amazon, or write me an email to get “real CDs”



Email: nicole_heymann@yahoo.de

Bird’s Eye View

Ooh ooh ooh…

Why yes, the cornfields are a place
To get lost
I guess it’s hard to navigate
If you just

Can’t see
beyond the bend
beyond the corner
or to whatever
you call the end
of this overgrown path

I look to you
I look to you
I look to you
For the bird’s eye view


I would be terrified
But you are right there by my side
So eventhough I



Yeah, yeah, yeah
You show me the way
You know where you’re going
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Got the wind in your wings
You know where it’s blowing



Written in 2015

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