…Back to Work!

I was in Cyprus for 7 weeks, that was amazing. But now I’m back in Germany. Back to normal, back to work!

I went ahead to work further on my painting “Portrait of Sarah” and became aware of something: I hadn’t seen the picture for 7 weeks, and last time I worked on it, I thought it looked pretty finished. But seeing it again after some time, I could immediately see the areas that needed improvement.

This experience shows me how important an “outside-perspective” can be when you are working. When I am working, I see how the piece is progressing and don’t necessarily see what still needs to be done. Someone from the outside can see the piece without bias, that is an advantage. It can be scary to allow honest feedback, but it’s so important. I want to stay teachable, and try to “step back” to see things as neutrally as possible.

How hard/easy is it for you to recieve feedback? What halps you to see things from an outside-perspective? Leave a comment if you like!

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