Back to Square One?!

I got back from the US a few days ago and am still getting over the jetlag. The sun is shining outside and I am very blessed by the people around me. But at the same time I am also kind of stressed:

I was at a class meeting on tuesday, where I presented my ideas for my diploma exhibit to my professor. He shook his head and basically told me to start over. He wasn’t mean about it, but he was firm. The message hit hard and at first I was upset. The art exhibit is in 2 months, what am I supposed to do? And what can I get done in less than 8 weeks?
I’ve calmed down since tuesday, but I still don’t know what to do. This is my final grade from art school and it counts for about 70-80% of my art degree. In other words, this exhibit has to work. No time to lose. I have an exhibition room to fill and  won’t be paralyzed by fear.

Luckily I am not completely without ideas. The theme of the exhibit is “Die Statik das Augenblicks”, which roughly translates to “motionlessness of a glimpse”. On the one hand stillness, quiet, standstill and peace, on the other hand travel, restlessness, knowing that anything can change in a second. So far I will include “Devil’s Canyon” in the show.
And  then some new pieces:

I will do a painting of the “Open”-sign  (about 3’x4′) and maybe a sculpture out of old tires. The tire sculpture is supposed to capture the feeling of travel/motion while being “done” at the same time (the tires aren’t on the road anymore). It could be a tire swing or a stack of tires that look like one of those baby stacking toys.

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That’s 3 pieces, I’ll need at least 3 more. So we’re getting somewhere!

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