Art Exhibit at School!

Art Exhibit at School!

My school has a long walkway between the library and the secretary. And today, I got to hang some of my artwork there! It’s the second art show that I get to do in this location. Due to Corona, there will be no vernissage. But even still, it’s nice to have this opportunity.

It’s nice to see the whole thing all finished. But believe me, it took quite some work to get it this way:

First, I had to get the paintings to that school building. Some of the art was already on campus, but most of it was at my parent’s house. So, I had to fill up my dad’s big car and drive up to school with it. Since my parents need that car, my mom drove up with the green car. The plan was for her to drop my brother off at his school and then meet me at seminary a few hours later. But her GPS wasn’t working correctly and she got lost a few times. I eventually figured out where she was and met her at a grocery store 20min from my school. She was tired but fine overall. I bought her an apple pastry and got to talk to her for a few minutes before she drove the big car back home. Thanks Mom, for going to that trouble :)

Then, I had to figure out an arrangement for the art. I had a rough idea going into it. But even with 10 paintings and 2 collage/mixed media pieces, I still needed more artwork to fill that long wall. I ended up adding one more painting and some sketchbook pages. Through trial and error, the positions were finally figured out!

And finally, after (or should I say “during”) the shuffle, I had to hang the art up. We have a nice system with adjustable hooks and transparent wires. But even with this system, it took me 6h to hang everything up. To even get started, I needed a ladder. Yesterday I couldn’t find one anywhere, except for one giant ladder that was too high. But today I finally found one on the other side of the campus. I carried it up the walkway and spent the next few hours getting on and off the steps, scooting wires back and forth, adjusting the hook’s height, and checking everything with a tape measure and level. My back hurts ans my arms and legs are sore. I am going to bed early tonight. But in the end, it was worth it! I will add title cards if I find time for it. But for now, the exhibit is open!

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