A table, a student, a pen shelf

These, among other things, were relevant this week.

  • I am building a little table out of reclaimed palettes/other scrap wood. I am not the precision-type and will never make a good woodworker, but this project is simple enough. I want to make the legs out of metal (We have a metal workshop at art school) and cover the table top with epoxy (also known as “liquid glass”). The epoxy-finish will make the table look fancy (and it’s honestly the only way I’ll be able to even out all those bumps!)

    my table in the making
  • I play guitar and have been giving lessons to my little sister Sarah for the last month. She’s a fast learner! My mom recorded her and me for our first “concert”.
  • I got a set of markers for Christmas and needed a way to store them. So I used an old fruit box and made it into a pen shelf. I covered some of the boards with colored duck tape and repositioned them a little because they were too close together. Finally I added some cardboard and tape to make little shelves in the box. I think it turned out to be kind of cute :)

    pen shelf out of an old fruit box
  • Still studying for the art history exam, about 2 more weeks to go. The exam is important, but according to the school secretary, it only effects my diploma grade about 10%. The remaining 90% come from the practical exam in July…better get practical then!
  • Winter has been very mild so far, but it will hit hard pretty soon. (down to -20°C/-4°F) So I spend yesterday morning outside getting the plants winter proof. Putting on leaves, twigs, winter fleece on the most vulnerable plants, planting some shrubs/bulbs and bringing in the cacti. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have nothing to do in the garden!


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