A new Painting done, others in the Making!

Today I was able to finish a portrait commission of Martin Dietrich’s 4 beautiful children. Portraits are a big challenge for me, but to see the result is also rewarding. I had a good starting point, though, since Martin is an excellent photographer and gave me a great photo to work from. Check out his work if you’re interested in photography: www.augenblickbewahrer.de.

Portrait of Martin's Kids
Portrait of Martin’s Kids

One picture done, on to the next! Here’s the start of a 97x97cm (3′ 4”x3′ 4”) painting. It’s the view of changing rooms on the coast of Holland. I am not sure of the title yet, so if you have ideas, let me know!

2015-06-10 13.19.58 (800x576)

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