A long and random Day

I haven’t been updating the website this week because I have been very busy but also had/still have a sore throat. But today I was at art school all day and got a lot done. Here’s what happened:

  1. I went to the printing company to get my portfolio printed. It’s looking good :)
  2. Spend the rest of the afternoon (with exception of a quick trip to the hardware store) in the wood workshop. I am building a little shelf that is acessible from all four sides. It’s going to be on wheels so that you can turn it like a postcard stand. Most of the wood is reclaimed so the project is quite cheap. And it’s simply fun to build because I got to use the table saw for the first time! :)
  3. Listened in on a presentation of our professor for photography. He was talking about photographing performances and what that meant to him. He is a really good photographer!
  4. Finished all the woodwork on my new worktable/desk. All that is left to do is to cover it with epoxy (also known as “liquid glass”. My new best friend :) )
  5. Witnessed a huge rollerskating-marathon drive by our academy. It stopped traffic for almost 15minutes!
  6. Had a fun conversation with one of my classmates. I now know that she likes shopping at Goodwill Stores and loves cowboy boots. She’s a fun person :)

Total time at the academy: about 11hours, from 10.30AM to 9.30PM. I’d call that a day!

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