A couple of Full Weeks!

The last time I posted I was working on the painting of my sister Sarah. Several stuff has happened since then, here’s a quick news flash:

My relatives from the US came to visit us in Germany for 3 weeks. I and my mom went with them (8 people in our car) for 12 days to Italy and the German Alps. Then we returned and celebrated my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. The preperation was a lot of work, more than we’ve ever worked on a party. But it was all 100% worth it!

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Everything was good timing, even the weather: There was good weather for the party, 2 days later a storm hit us like we haven’t had in a long time. The party tents were getting blown away like sail on a ship. Luckily my siblings and I and my mom were able to take down the tent walls before it broke. That was an adventure, and it was grace!

My parent’s 25th Wedding Anniversary
After the party: The Storm took the tent down!

After 3 weeks of action and work, the house is quiet again. We’re cleaning up the dishes from the party, my siblings are back to school, normal stuff again. Especially my parents are happy to go back to normal, but so am I.

I would have a few weeks of “normal” if I could , but 3 more days and I will be going to Cyprus for 7 weeks. I will be working at the House of Prayer, as a musician and as a leader for the art workshops. It’s one thing after another, but it’s also exciting! Taking it a day at a time!

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