2019 Recap: Gratitude. 2020 Goals: Catch the Wind

2019 Recap: Gratitude. 2020 Goals: Catch the Wind

This is it, guys: my last blog post of the 2010s. I thought I’d join the fun of recaps and share my top moments of 2019, my top 3 moments of the 2010s, and some goals for 2020.

Recap 2019: Top 10

These are loosely in order of their occurrence.

  1. A Dummy Book for my Story “Somehow Something is Missing”: For the first time, I finished a dummy book in a somewhat polished way. It was also one of the first times for me to illustrate my own characters on the graphic tablet.
  2. SCBWI Conference: I went to Zürich in Switzerland for 3 days to attend a children’s author/illustrator conference. The inputs were great, as was the time with other authors.
  3. Custom Art: I made a durable shopping bag out of thin, recycled plastic bags. It serves me very well! Also, I made a full-body costume of “Rafiki” from “The Lion King”. Among other things.
  4. Open Mic Nights: We had two Open Mics this year at our school. Each time was a treat. I got to host the one in December. It taught me that creating a space for others to share their creativity is work, but worth it.
  5. Workshops: I got to teach several workshops in different locations. I especially enjoyed the seminar in November, as the participants were very involved and eager to participate.
  6. Bachelor’s Degree: I wrote my bachelor’s thesis and received my degree in theology. I am still working on my master’s until 2021.
  7. Ireland: I went to Ireland with my grandmother, dad, and brother this summer. First time. Beautiful!
  8. Illustration Commission: My professor needed lots of illustrations. And I got to do them. It took several months, but they turned out all right.
  9. Uganda: I went to Uganda for 10 days with my dad. We visited an NGO we support. We dedicated a well, visited rural schools, and took pictures for our child sponsorship program.
  10. Support Miracles: In connection with the NGO in Uganda, I raised a lot of support for the project at various events. It was great to see just how much people supported us. One tiny church in particular single-handedly raised 3000€ in one day to help us build our well! It was like watching a miracle.

Top 3 Impressions of the 2010s

  1. Graduations: I graduated from high school in 2011, from art school in 2016, and from my bachelor’s degree in theology in 2019.
  2. Discovery of the Tree and the Pot: I got to learn a lot about myself and what my talents/weaknesses are. This leaves me confident and quite sober-minded at the same time since I am aware that my actions impact people. I used to feel like I shouldn’t live out gifts too much for fear of offending people or making them feel less competent. But I have since learned that I don’t need to stay stuck in a pot when I can grow as a tree. So, I feel the freedom to act out my talents, and at the same time, the (positive) “burden” to be responsible with what I do. I no longer hide myself; but at the same time, I know that each plant has its place. Some are trees, some are bushes, but all are good for their habitat.
  3. Giving Back: The more I can be confident with my abilities, the more I can use them in a good way. Not to elevate myself, but to help others. The workshops, the work in Uganda, my studies in theology, they are all connected to this base topic. I like to pass on what has been given to me.

Goals for 2020

  1. Becoming a Strong Tree: If I discovered in the past that I get to be strong, I now want to become even stronger. As an artist, as a leader, as a friend, as a Christian, as a person.
  2. Let Go: I have let go of many fears. But I still get self-conscious or worried about my issues. I want to relax even more about what lies ahead, without ignoring or downplaying it. I can grow step by step. And I can let go of the rest. Opinions of other people, own weaknesses, thoughts about the future, etc.
  3. Learn how be a Leader: I am going to Seattle for an internship. I want to learn how to be a leader, particularly, a pastor.
  4. Next Steps in Art: Writing, new media activity, illustrations – Just expanding my art skills. In particular, I am thinking about writing a book on how to use creativity in preaching contexts or storytelling in public settings.

So, that’s a recap and a goal set. I am grateful, more than anything. I also had my struggles, but I mostly remember the good. I don’t know what lies ahead exactly, but I hope I’ll be there to catch the wind in the sails. And I thank God for the good things he does. If you made it to the end of this post, I am impressed. I hope you can find moments to be grateful for and goals for the next year. Share your recap highlights and goals if you like, and Happy New Year!

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