2018 Recap and Goals for 2019!

2018 Recap and Goals for 2019!

Christmas is over, and 2018 is almost over. And as I look back, I can summarize the past year with one word: thankful. I am really thankful for the things that happened in 2018. Why? Here are the top 10 reasons:

  1. March: Class trip to Belgium
  2. February-May: Illustration Commission
  3. April: first official Art Workshop
  4. June: Art Conference “SCHÖN”
  5. August: Drawing Caricatures at a kid’s festival
  6. August: Trip to Uganda
  7. September onwards: Learning about Anatomy
  8. October: Writing a Story and a Song
  9. November: Getting more serious about writing again
  10. December: Christmas Market in Ewersbach

So what is the outlook on 2019? I can’t see what lies ahead but I do have a few hopes and goals:
I want to take my writing and illustrations more seriously than before.
I want to consciously seek out inspiration – and consciously inspire people around me.
I want to not just dream of stuff, but actually get up and do those things. Not just for me. But to do those things God has given me to do, and to serve others in the process.
But at the end of the day, I also want to remember that all talent and work is not what makes you who you are. So, I want to make progress in talent and work, while also learning how to be anchored and at peace. Healthy work ethic, healthy rest ethic. Healthy joy, healthy ambition. There is always a balance to be found. And I’m ready to find it even more than I have before.

What is your goal for 2019? What happened in 2018 that makes you grateful? What is the biggest thing you have learned? I hope you are inspired to look to the future and wish you a happy New Year!

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