It’s Lantern Season!

St. Martin’s day is around the corner, a day in remembrance of the generosity of a soldier named Martin. The story goes that he saw a poor beggar in the snow and was moved with compassion. He took his robe and gave it to the man, saving the man’s life.
St. Martin’s day isn’t a holiday in Germany, but it is celebrated with lantern walks, songs and bonfires. Most of the people who celebrate St. Martin’s day are kids with their parents, but not here in Ewersbach: We are having our own lantern walk as well.

In honor of the occasion we had a lantern building workshop. Unfortunately only 2 people could participate, but we still had fun. I built a goldfish lantern and my friend Sina built a Calvin-and-Hobbes lantern. So even if it was small, it was the first creative workshop I got to host at this school. A start, and starts are good :)


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