Travel-Log Days 2-4: Getting Started

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I got here last Saturday and 3 days later it’s Tuesday afternoon. Here’s a summary of what went on here:

Sunday: a quiet morning, a home-made potato salad for breakfast and a day at the house church in Larnaca. It felt good to be back! I had been to the house church when I was here 2 years ago and had made some good friends. Meeting them again and feeling as if you had never been gone, a great feeling!

Monday: Beginning staff training for the internship next week. The staff members got to know each other and go through some practical stuff.

Tuedsay: I got to lead worship in the beginning for about 45 minutes. For some it might seem strange to sing songs to and for a God you can’t see, but when you know this God, it’s not difficult at all.
After this we talked about what makes a good team, what to expect from each other and from the interns, etc. It can be overwhelming to see all that lies ahead, but it is also exciting. We didn’t come here to relax, we came for an adventure. And adventures are seldom relaxing!

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