10 Things that keep me smiling (Artist’s Life extended)


Sometimes a person has their limits, and occasionally those limits get you down. Luckily I am not at that point right now, but times come and go. So when I am in a “Down”-phase, here’s 10 things that keep me smiling:

  1. Good Food: Stuff like Italian Gelato, dark Chocolate, Corn Tortillas or a Summer Salad.
  2. A Fun Movie: Anything Animation or occasionally a Romantic Comedy, Star Wars sounds cool to me :)
  3. A Walk in the Woods or a Field
  4. Some Garden Work
  5. Listening to Music
  6. Songwriting
  7. An Art Project that is not work-related
  8. Talking to a Friend
  9. My Dog Mickey: He’s a Pain sometimes, but he’s irreplaceable
  10. Prayer, remembering that I’m not in the race alone and that I can get some pespective

What kind of stuff keeps you smiling? Tell me about it in the comments!

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