Work in Progress: “Up and down the Tate”, “Two Fishing Boats”

I’ve been working at a lot of stuff, including my oil paintings. So here is an update on the painting “Up and down the Tate” and on a new project, “Two Fishing Boats”. “Up and down the Tate” is almost finished, “Two Fishing Boats” is barely beyond the sketching stage.

Lately I’ve been thinking about what exactly I want to “accomplish” with my art. Should it only be my mode of “self-expression”, a statement that others better take the way it is? I personally want to “give back” to people who see my work, not just do it for myself. But how to do that without becoming an overly literal, boring artist?

One thing I noticed is that I like pictures that look like you took them “in the moment”, without staging the picture for hours before the actual shot. This doesn’t mean it can’t look wierd, have drama, unusual perspectives or colors in it, it just means that someone could have taken the picture then and there. I guess that if it doesn’t look staged, it looks more “natural” or “real”. Maybe that’s putting too much thought into it, I don’t know. Just a thought…

“Up and down the Tate”, almost finished!
“Two Fishing Boats”, sketch

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