20 Days

20 Days

That’s my countdown status, right now: I will be going to Seattle for a 6-month internship at a church. 20 days, and I’ll be on a plane.

As this is a significant change, the time around it is a time of transition: I am super excited to go. I’m part American, so it’s like I’m coming home. But I grew up in Germany, so it’s a completely new adventure, at the same time. And, of course, I am not there, yet. I still have 2 weeks of school. Books to read, stuff to write. People to say goodbye to. I am going somewhere new, which means I am leaving something else. The key for me is to not be “gone” already (in my attitude) and at the same time to get ready. But so far, that is working. I am reading some good books, meditating on what I read and finding times of deliberate rest. And I also like to keep my eyes open for the things around me: you never know what gems you might miss. Especially in a time of transition.

For example, I saw a dwarf chicken on Sunday: The breed was a “Giant Brahma” (as the name implies, a giant chicken). And this bird looked like an adult bird, but it was more the size of a baby chick. A dwarf chicken, who knew that would be right around the corner! Had I not taken the time to walk down that side street, I would never have seen it.

notice the little adult-looking chicken in the back

Where are you in transition? Where can you slow down for a few minutes in your day, even in the middle of that transition? I hope you find those times. They really are like gems. And in any case, have a great day!

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