This is what my painting “Shadow under a Bridge” looks like so far. I am trying a “new” technique with this picture, and so far I’m quite happy with it: a base coat in the opposite color you want it to be later. So if my sky is supposed to be white, I start with black, if the grass is to be green, I start with pink/red, etc. (ex.: compare the grass from the 1st picture with the 2nd picture) All the areas that will be “important” get a contrast-base, the “out-of focus”-areas get a less contrast-base.

The reason I even tried this technique is because I have a new professor, and he instructs us in a good way. My old professor was not a good teacher, but with our new professor I feel like I’m really learning something. The difference between the two is not that one knows more or is even more passionate about art, it’s the teaching philosophy: while my old professor taught by letting us “find out for ourselves”, the new professor gives real instruction and teaches principles.

There is a place to leave freedom, especially in creativity, but even then a leader should excersise discipline. Just like it says in the Bible, in the book of Proverbs, if you love someone, you should care enough to discipline and instruct them (compare Prov. 3,12 and  13,24). I am benefiting from this new level of instruction and “discipline”, but also want to learn to apply this when I grow as a leader. It’s always easier to criticize the leader than to be a leader yourself!

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