My name is Nicole Heymann and I am an artist in Germany. I am mainly a writer and illustrator of children’s stories, but I also paint, make sculptures, and teach workshops for small groups or classes.

When I am not working on a creative project, I like to enjoy the simple things around me, like a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, a walk on a sunny day, or the smell of tomato plants.

“Stories make the abstract concrete.”

How do writing, illustrations, and other media go together?
They all are forms of (pre-)stories. I believe that stories enable us to learn more about ourselves and about life as a whole. Sometimes through introspection, sometimes through embracing full color action. So whatever medium I use, I try to give the viewer a story-platform, where they can enjoy, react and interact with what they experience. To put it simply, I hope that they can connect the art to their own stories…

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Do you have a project you want make a reality, or is there simply a question you would like to ask?

Send me a message with your name, contact information, and request under nicole_heymann@yahoo.de.

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