Work in Progress: A new Painting!

After putting together a new canvas and priming it with a good layer of white and light brown, I could start sketching in the basic shapes of the composition. It’s moments like these that you realize that scale can really make a difference: It was easier for me to draw the paper sketch than to draw the shapes on a large canvas. It was particulary hard to get the proportions of the little girl right, and even now, I might redo them.

Sketches are like foundations: nobody sees them, but if you get them wrong, the whole thing is wrong. In a way, I guess that life is also like that. So don’t mess with those foundations, get them right. Be it practicing your skills or treating the staff at a grocery store with respect: They may be in the background, but their success is also your success, and also mine.

IMG_1295 (768x1024)

Make the First Move!

IMG_1284 (768x1024)

I finally have started working on a new oil painting. I primed the canvas, and I made the first “real” sketch (picture above). It’s been something that I wanted to do for a while, yet I never actually started until now.

Why is that important? Because having an idea is not the same as actually doing something about it.
“That idea” can be brilliant in your mind. And sometimes it seems scary to try making it, because you could notice it’s flaws.
But until you actually put that first line on the canvas, your idea won’t become a reality.
And yes, the world is busy, and in better circumstances, you might create something better. But if you wait on the world to change, your idea will remain just that: an idea.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a busy person with a tight schedule, and I also put things off. But every once in a while, I need to remind myself that I can make the most of the time I’ve got. Limitations and all.
None of us are super-human, but we can achieve a lot within the boundaries of our lives. Whatever it is for you, if you’ve been putting off “that idea”, don’t keep waiting for the perfect timing or the perfect inspiration. Make the first move!

Illustrations Sketches!

I have a commission for a set of creation-themed illustrations. Since I have a rough idea what the layout and style will be, I have started doing some more detailed study sketches of animals. After all, what creation is complete without animals?
(Sorry for the poor image quality, the lighting was not that great when I took the photos)

Three unexpected Things

Yesterday, I stayed home from school, because I was sick.

But you never know what will come your way, even on a sick day. Yesterday, I experienced three unexpected things:

  • When I went shopping, I had to shovel my car out of 30cm of fresh snow. It was cold, wet and windy. But successful. I drove down the mountain and got some groceries. But on my way back, the snow had turned to slush, and I couldn’t get up the last hill. But then, a snow plow cleared the way, just for me. :)
  • I discovered that egg whites are slightly alkaline: I first fried some red cabbage and then fried the eggs. The leftover juice from the cabbage turned green-blue. So I had a red, green, yellow and white dinner. Unexpected, but colorful!
  • For the first time in a while, I wrote a song. It’s a simple call-and response song that can be sung by a choir. But it was fun to do.

So I was sick. But also had some fun.
What kind of unexpected things do you experience? Leave a comment if you like, and have a great day.


Starting 2018 with… Creation!

Happy belated New Year everyone! I don’t know if new year’s resolutions are a thing for you, but if you haven’t broken your resolution yet, congratulations! :)

I don’t do resolutions, but I do set goals. And one of those goals is to complete new art work that serves a good purpose. Despite my health issues and other things, this is something I am working towards.

In this sense, things are off to a good start, because I got an illustration comission from one of my professors! He needs 6 illustrations of the bible’s creation story for his lectures. A classic theme, a good cause, so I gladly took the job.

These are the rough sketches for three of the days. The other three days are basically the same pictures without the pink objects/animals, hence the pink-grey color in the sketch. (This is due to the parallel literary structure of the biblical text, not because I’m trying to be lazy). The actual illustrations will be done as combo of digital painting and collage. Hopefully, they will be done by April!


2017- Recap

I would like to take the opportunity to recap the year, and thank those of you who followed the year with me.
Thank you to everyone who supports me, in what ever way. Everyone who comments, likes and shares my work, online or in real life, that really means something to me.
So in honor of the last day of 2017, here’s a short poem review. God bless you, and Happy New Year!


Grateful for new places and faces, new cultures and more

Uganda. Albania. None of it asked for

Old challenges, redone. New versions of old

Masks in a new form

Some illustrations and paintings

And stories told.


All work and worry

All sickness and joy

Feeling strong, yet lame.

These are all part of the game


Where to? God knows

And I know he does

So I thank him

for all that was

And move forward

And trust him with all that follows.






The Elephant in the Room

IMG_1250 (754x1024)

I finally finished the elephant mask! I originally made it as a birthday present for a good friend of mine, but since it took so long, it will now be a big birthday/christmas present. I think it’s the largest mask I’ve ever made, but considering that, it’s quite comfortable to wear.  :)

A few days now, and Christmas is upon us. I am happy about this time of year, but honestly, I am also stressed. The demands of school are high. My health is unpredictable at times, which drains me physically. And in all of this, the expectations I place upon myself as an artist put me under more pressure: There are different issues, but most of all, I don’t know “what I am doing” in a creative sense.
I work on projects and enjoy the process, but if you’d ask me “where I’m going”, I couldn’t really tell you.  I could tell you what I want to reach, but not how to actually get there.

As is, I feel like I’m in a fog, which blocks me from “moving”.  I don’t know where I’m going, which in turn leads to self-doubt.
This doesn’t stop me from creating. But it could make me think I’m “not creative”.
I know that this is a phase that will pass. I also know that self-doubt is part of being an artist. But the process obviously doesn’t feel that great.

I know this isn’t the most uplifting post, but I felt it was important to be honest about this. Especially during Christmas, a holiday where we remember that God was born as a human, as the baby Jesus: Jesus didn’t stay in heaven, but was born into a chaotic, imperfect world, so people could from then on say that “God is with us”. So I can admit that I don’t have it all together, but I know that God is with us, anyway.
In that sense, whether you feel great or not, have a blessed Christmas season, because “God is with us”.


Costume Party!

I have been working on a cowboy costume for the past few weeks. And on Sunday, it got to present itself to the world of the student costume party! :)

The motto was “Throwback Thursday”, and the best costume got a prize. Quite a few people showed up in costume, including a fighter pilot, a dutch maid, a hippie, and a knight in chainmail armor. I personally liked the hippie the best, but I also liked the knight costume a lot. It was not surprising to me that he took the prize in the end.

(Unfortunately, I don’t have good pictures of the party itself, but I can say that the hosts did a great job, and that it was fun!)

A Christmas Market Fundraiser!

IMG_1210 (800x600)

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon creating a collage sign.
Today, that sign was out on the annual Christmas market down in the village: I, and a few other students set up a booth there, so we could get in touch witht the locals a little. We sold cotton candy, handmade soap, and handmade paper-beed necklaces. New for me: It isn’t often that you get to make cotton candy or see so many people in one spot around here!

The money raised from the soap and the necklaces will sponsor a group of young mothers in Uganda, to help them learn a trade and to support their families. They are learning things like sewing and gardening and soap making. Their lives are often times very hard, but they have hope, because they will be able to stand on their own feet someday. My mom is in direct contact with them and works with the local leaders. Check out the her blog to read more about this project:

Now, a few hours later, I’m in my room with a hot cup of tea and a blanket. Christmas market work leaves you cold!
I wish you a great weekend, and that you get to try something new! :)

Some Updates

It’s cold and rainy these days and it gets dark before 5 PM. This is not the kind of thing to encourage a person. But luckily there is a lot you can do indoors, like studying, or reading, or making costumes.

I finally could bring my mannequin out from the art room in the basement to my dorm room on the top floor. Eventhough it’s hollow, it’s heavier than you might think. It now stands at the far end of my room and lightens up the costume corner:

IMG_1177 (385x800)

I put my mannequin right to work by modeling my costume for the party next week. I have been getting a cowgirl costume ready and could see the pieces coming together for the first time. I really like how the pieces are working together and just prepared some final details like the holster and some fringe. Soon, I will have it done!

I also got some work done on the elephant mask. It will be a gift for a friend, so I want to get it done really well. I seem to have trouble with the painting techniques, though. I get the procedures of oil painting and acrylic painting mixed up, meaning that I apply the colors in the wrong order and intensity at a time. This can result in kind of a mess. But I had the same issue with the rhino mask and it turned out just fine. So this will work out, too.

IMG_1175 (800x600)

Final Touches on the Mannequin (and other Things)

I’ve been working on this mannequin project over the course of the last month. I will use it to design costumes and display them once they are finished.
A couple of days ago, The mannequin got its burlap “skin” coat, and today I painted that coat light grey. When that dries, I can consider this project done!


I also put some base layers of paint on the elephant mask.

IMG_1169 (800x600)

And I did some more work on my cowboy costume by braiding and heatsealing a lasso. I  had salvaged some plastic “rope” from an old seat and did a simple french braid. I used simple office clips to keep the long strands of rope from tangling while I was braiding them. That way, I could make a long rope within just a few hours.
Since this was old rope, it was frayed up on quite a few spots. Some hot air from the heat gun melted those loose ends and made the rope more stable.


Work in Progress: A Costume and a Mannequin

I’ve been working on my mannequin and adding new layers to stabilize it. I will add a final layer of white-painted burlap to finish it off.

The reason I made this mannequin is to use it in making my costumes. And for starters, I will be making a cowboy-costume for a christmas party (costume party with the motto “throwback thursday”). I could probably put together a good costume as is, but I wanted a challenge. So I will take it to the next level with some custom parts: two gun props, a customized hat, a lasso, (maybe some leather gloves) and a leather skirt. I’ve finished parts of the first gun and the weathering on the hat.

Spontaneous Build!

IMG_1085 (518x800)

How did you fill your day? I had a day off from school and several options to act upon. And though I did do several things, the most noteworthy among these would be a spontaneous build: A mannequin to hold up and display my costumes.

I built it out of reclaimed materials I had lying around the studio: wire mesh, wood scraps, screws, string, and papermaché. The frame will probably need some more reinforcement, but the basic structure is in place. I’m actually surprised at how well it is turning out and can’t wait to dress it up! :)

If a Tree falls in the Forest…

IMG_1017 (599x800)


I haven’t done much in terms of art in the past few weeks. I’ve done little things here and there. But overall, there isn’t much to show for it.

Does that mean I am “no Artist”, or that I am somehow lesser than those who do more? Would I be “better” if more people saw and approved of my work? Or, to put it in philosopher’s terms:

“If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?”

At first, this question by George Berkeley seems silly, but if you think about it, it actually raises deeper questions about perception and about the way we value things: What meaning does something have if nobody sees it? What worth does a work of art have if nobody values or appreciates it? What are you when nobody likes your newest profile picture on Instagram? Who are you apart from other people’s opinion?

Don’t get me wrong, I wish I had more time to do more creative projects. I consciously make time for that sort of thing and I greatly appreciate the positive feedback. But as much as I love to get creative and get compliments for it, I know that that’s not who I am. Those things are things I do.
And for me, my value in life can’t come from stuff I do, because those things are not lasting. (e.g. I could get sick and lose my abilities, I could move away and lose contact with friends, etc.).
There are many attempts to deal with this, whatever values a person might have. But for me, the one things that remains is Jesus Christ and the assurance that I am part of God’s family because of what Jesus did for me. This basic assurance gives me the “power” to just “be” without having to prove myself to anyone. Because no matter what: God is.

Tomatoes, Shelves, and another Artist

Everyone is back from vacation and school has started again. The new class of freshmen is finding their place and the rest of us are getting back into studying routines. With all of this, I am excited for what lies ahead. But I am also excited about what is going on right now. Like, the art projects that are coming together more and more:

  • The painting of tomato plants is (mostly) done. I might add some small touch-ups, but that would be it. It was an experiment that turned out differently than expected, but that’s ok!
  • I had two shipping box units that were sitting around unused, so I made a simple, small kitchen shelf out of them. The paint job will be similar to the palette shelf. I will add 1-2 layers of light blue on top of the brown and dark blue. So it won’t be as patchy as it is now ;)
  • I met another artist on Tuedsay! She is from the area and does sculptures. I was excited to meet her and talk to her. Turns out she’s the mother-in-law of a friend of ours. Who knew!
    There are also some creative people among the freshmen class. We’ll see what ideas and possibilities come from that :)

While writing this post, the rain is pressing in on the paths and houses. Grey light, cold, strong winds, and brown leaves dominate the landscape. But I won’t be depressed about it. After all, we are watching “Singing in the Rain” tonight. One of my favorite movies, fitting for a day like this.